An ongoing list of my everyday delights.

I like…

Thrifting for candle sticks — ‘Treat yo self‘ to romance.  Completing 1000 piece puzzles and using them as placemats.  Painting Loteria cards and riffing ideas for the next collection.  Smelling library books and hugging them when I finish.

Perching within earshot of pedestrians and writing stories.  Collecting photos of graffiti tags — shout out to Jazz Mom, LabRat and Think Blink.  Driving for Lyft for side money and random human connection.

Drinking from a lion mug — in loving memory of my childhood obsession with Mufassa.  Making anything into the shape of a burrito — the perfect hand-to-mouth vessel.  Wandering around a new place and discovering local food, music or a beautiful view.

Walking in a field of sage and putting twigs in my braids.  Floating in a slow moving river on a hot day.  Swinging in a shaded hammock next to a beach.

Clearing and smashing a feathered shuttlecock.  Acing a serve in a volleyball game — even if its recreational.  Diving 60ft deep and having an intimate stare down with a curious fish.