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I am a creative professional with 5+ years of experience improving workflows and identifying stealthy workarounds to keep projects moving.   I empathize with the end user and my teammates to drive on-time delivery of quality storytelling that will align with business vision and strategy.



2009:  In college, I had a wonderful professor and mentor who helped channel my creativity into marketing.  One assignment was to create a marketing plan for a local small business owner of a performance horse training facility.  I was captivated by his energy and enjoyed establishing a brand that was relevant to the business and its customers.  After the course ended, I customized an internship program that allowed me to expand on the marketing plan and assist at the ranch while earning credit towards my degree.

2010: I graduated from college and decided to take a 10-week solo trip to Ecuador to broaden my perspective of the world.  I got on a plane with a backpack and the phone number of my host family.  I participated in a two-week beach cleaning project via Ecuador Volunteer.  Through networking, I landed an opportunity to participate in a marketing research project with Machalilla National Park.  Two volunteers and I lived on Isle de la Plata (a protected island inhabited by only 2 park rangers) for a week to record behaviors of the tour agencies and tourists.  While I hiked with tour groups, I found myself educating tourists on park rules i.e. staying on the trail, keeping distance between you and the wildlife, pack-it-in/pack-it-out, etc.

2010: After returning from South America, I moved to Chicago.  While I pursued a career in marketing, I worked in the food & beverage industry as a Server.

2011: I accepted a contract role as a Marketing Analyst, which quickly transitioned into a full-time role in less than a month.  I earned my Inbound Marketing Certification through HubSpot’s partner program, helped grow and train a team of five, learned graphic design on the fly to improve our service offerings package, and established best practices to quality assure monthly reports.  I was promoted to Senior Marketing Analyst after one year of full time.  Small agency experience expanded my confidence in key business areas: strategy, planning, analytics, account management, project management, web content management, design and digital & print production.

2012: After a budget reduction, I transitioned into a Freelance Consultant.  I partnered with my former coworker to consult with small businesses on inbound marketing.  It was a rewarding winter as I sharpened my skills in client communications, creating business plans and contracts, and executing web system and content updates to improve user experience.   Other projects completed during this time included: setting up a non-profit  website, designing a logo for a new Microsoft Dynamics consulting business, and blogging for an east coast Orthodontics office.

2013: I accepted a contract role as a Project Manager with Account Executive responsibilities for a two-week request for proposal for the State of Illinois Health Care Act.  After on-time completion, I was offered an extended contract as a “hybrid” Project Manager to assist an Account Director while he built a team for a new retainer.   My ability to demonstrate stealthy workarounds and fill in gaps as needed led to a full time offer as a Project Manager for Nissan USA.

2014: I learned to deeply respect and protect the creative process throughout two fiscal year strategic planning cycles.  I contributed to the execution of:

    • 2013 Sentra print and digital ads
    • 2013 Altima // 2014 Rogue // 2014 Sentra tv, print and digital ads
    • 2014 BETX Awards partnership, showcasing emerging artists on-stage, digital exclusive live updates, and an auto display interactive booth.  Deliverables included digital video clips, radio scripts and print ads, flyers, banners, and swag products.

2014: In need of ocean, mountains and trees, I decided to move to the Emerald City.  I spent the winter months taking a road trip across the states and exploring my new home, Seattle.

2015:  I accepted a contract role as an Integrated Campaign Manager for the Marketing Operations team at Getty Images.   After four months, I accepted a full time offer and continued managing the trafficking of new project requests.  As campaigns increased in complexity, we adopted a new project management platform, transitioned internal teams and provided ongoing support.  Other major milestones included spearheading the organization and localization of an article system and managing a new lead nurturing trigger campaign.

2016: The following year I was a champion of ongoing process improvements and building relationships to encourage effective communication.  Other focus areas included CRM support and training, reporting, user flow mapping, data flow management and email automation.  After a restructuring, I moved to the email automation team with the new title Marketing Operations Project Manager.

2016:  In the fall, I resigned from the company to pursue a dream trip to Thailand.  I traveled solo from the northern jungles to the southern beaches, allowing my mind to recharge and take hold of a new culture.

2017: I reentered the corporate space, contracted as a Marketing Technology Project Manager for Holland America and Seabourn Cruise Line.  Currently, I’m sharpening my professional toolkit in the world of analytics, data tag management, website testing & personalization and real-time decision models.  I am helping to establish scalable processes to extend our department’s services to our global brands.

I continue to seek opportunities to self-improve, contribute to quality storytelling, and expand my professional network.  Interested in working with me?  Let’s connect!