I was born in a suburb of Chicago where I was raised to explore, get dirty and show up for family dinners.  I am number three in a pack of four.  My parents were a blend of city and country, instilling a strong work ethic and competitive spirit through academics, sports and creative endeavors.

Over the past 5 years, I have grown into a Project Manager with a creative and technical edge.  The small agency and freelance experiences built an analytical foundation in digital marketing and gave me the opportunity to explore graphic design on the fly.  The advertising world exposed me to incredibly talented creative professionals and how to execute high-budget, integrated concepts across channels like tv, digital, print, radio and experiential.  Shifting to marketing operations on the client side provided me an opportunity to focus on development processes and executing complex email trigger and lead generation programs in local and global markets.

These combined experiences have taught me to be nimble, expressive and innovative; I learned to be gritty, adaptive, comfortable with ambiguity and empathetic; most importantly, I have made a realization that I have the ability motivate, influence and lead with creative confidence.

I continue to seek opportunities to self-improve, contribute to quality storytelling, and expand my professional network.

I welcome opportunities to connect. Please contact me to let me know how I may be of service to you!